MAA is excited to announce that this year’s conference theme is Resurgence: Filling the Gaps for Michigan’s Children!

Disruption to our education systems during the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected the most vulnerable learner, exacerbating pre-existing inequalities with potentially dramatic and long-lasting implications.  This requires urgent action to address learning gaps and ensure smooth and continued educational pathways for all students. Over the long term, systems will need to strengthen learner resilience, fostering environments in which every child has the competencies required to reach their full potential. While we must be clear-eyed about the scale of the challenges facing Michigan’s children, we can also advance in partnership and solidarity by building on our past, with ambition and confidence in our future. This conference will not be about a return to the way things were, but how to effectively implement critical measures today while building student’s resilience for tomorrow.

Join us November 3 & 4 to:

  • Identify Strategies by engaging in strategic conversations with state and community leaders from across the state to identify solutions that advance the future of children in programs during before, afterschool, expanded learning and early childhood.
  • Share Stories to inspire each other: Participants will share stories and seek advice with other participants who represent a diverse range of perspectives in the field.  In interactive sessions with passionate speakers, you’ll encounter illuminating perspectives to inform policy and practice in your communities.
  • Advance Racial Equity: Engage in discussions designed to educate, enlighten, and empower action to foster racially equitable systems and dismantle systemic racism.
  • Explore the importance of the partnership between schools and expanded learning centers to create a seamless learning experience and provide equitable learning opportunities.
  • Take strides to understand the importance that early childhood education plays when transitioning into a school or expanded learning center.

Participants have the opportunity to earn CEU’s and “State Continuing Education Clock Hours” (SCECHs).


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