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African American Historical Figure

Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.

13th Global Youth Justice Training

Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA

June 14-16, 2016

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1969: Presidential Appointment, 1st African American Federal Magistrate Judge in the United States of America
1987: Presidential Appointment, Superior Court Judge for Washington, D.C.
1965: U.S. Department of Justice, Assistant U.S. Attorney
1950’s: Championed School Desegregation with United States Congressman Adam Clayton Powell
1960’s: Championed Criminal Justice System Equality and Fairness with United States Attorney General Robert Kennedy
2004 to Current: National Executive Director, National African American Drug Policy Coalition, Inc.
2016: Founding Vice President, Board of Directors, Global Youth Justice, Inc.


25+ Youth Justice Leaders making Peer-to-Peer Presentations at 13th Global Youth Justice Training Institute. Hawaii Teen Court Leader Amada Quinn to Georgia Teen Court Leader Kari Poss to Texas Teen Court Leader Judge Rose Zamora to New York Former Youth Court Youth Volunteer and Now Founding Chairman Jonathan Halstuch of Global Youth Justice, Inc. to North Carolina Youth Justice Advocate Anthony DeNino and MANY More TBA in March. You can Volunteer to Present on the Registration Form for 13th Global Youth Justice Training in World Famous Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA this June 14-16, 2016.

13th Global Youth Justice Training

Don’t Miss Out on Cape Cod in 2016

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